Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year Carson was a tiger for Halloween! We started out the day with the Fall Festival 5K and ended it with the Kids Festival at the church. Truthfully, the outfit was perfect for the morning because it was 30 degrees. But by the time we made it to the church, he was burning up! He got to see several of his friends, but he was still a bit too little to enjoy the massive bump'n'jump year. He was so tired by the end of the day, he was in bed by 6:30pm and didn't wake up until 7:50am the next morning!

Fall Festival 5K 2009
Fall Festival 5K 2010

Pumpkin Baby 2009

Tiger Tot 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend, Larry and I took Carson to the Mayflower Pumpkin Patch. It was great! I would definitely love for this to be an annual tradition. However, next year we will not pick a Friday afternoon (too many school groups!) This pumpkin patch has a petting zoo, huge playground area, a corn maze, hayride and the best part was picking pumpkins right out of the field off the vine. Carson really enjoyed it! We even ran into some friends at the pumpkin patch- Carson got to enjoy the hayride with his friend Levi!

As you can see, we had one tired little boy on our hands on the ride home!

fall family pics, part 3

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fall family pics, part 2

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Fall 2010 Family Pics

It has been way too long since we had family pictures! Uncle Brant faithfully gets Carson's monthly update pics for us, but we haven't had family pictures in almost a year. We had to reschedule once and then the weather was perfect the day we took the pics but Carson was in a terrible mood! Thankfully, Uncle Brant was still able to get some great shots! Love how all the colors turned out!

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No pants

So I was about to post some cute fall pics...pumpkins, leaves, costumes, the works. But before I do I had to do this quick post. As I was looking through some pictures I've taken around the house this month, I realized we had a theme...Carson has no pants on in any of them!! I promise, I'm not one of those moms who takes her kid to wal-mart with nothing but a diaper on, but apparently I let him go around the house quite a lot without any pants on. I actually don't think I do that very often, but I seem to more often than I realize! ha!

caught! I had been taking a shower and didn't realize I left the door open to the toilet area...when I got out of the shower this is what I found! Of course, he is innocently reading a book as if Maddie (our poodle) did it!

supervising mom and dad as we work in the yard/flower garden

typical guy- mesmorized by the TV...he will stand like this for almost 15 minutes if the right cartoon is on!
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