Saturday, July 3, 2010

11 months old

Time for the monthly milestones! As usual, this month has gone by quickly and once again I am amazed at how Carson seems to be learning new things every day. He is such a happy and content little baby (intentionally saying "baby" instead of "boy" as I'm getting super sappy and emotional over the thought of his birthday party and how fast time flies...). It gives me such JOY being his mommy! What a blessing he is to our lives - we are basically head over heels in love with our son!
-As you can see from the previous posts, he loves his little swimming pool
-Two new teeth...we are no longer a vampire, his top to middle teeth have come in. That makes a grand total of 6 teeth now!
-Trying a variety of finger foods but still really likes his baby food. As you can tell from a few of these pictures, between the carrots, sweet potatoes, squash etc- his nose has taken on that token orange hue.
-Crawling well and now crawls from room to room to find me if I leave his sight. Also very good at going from belly to sitting position.
-CLAPPING- his new favorite game...after weeks of trying to get him to clap it was literally like the light bulb went off in his head one day and he started clapping out of the blue and hasn't stopped yet. He also does this really cute thing where he randomly throws his arms in the air...after which we shout "Praise the Lord" and he laughs:)
-loves his cheerios- never truly appreciated the entertainment factor they provide as well...he will sit content with handful of them long enough for me to shower and get ready
-cut back to nursing only 3 times a hard as it is for me to admit it, he is weaning himself. I'm so thankful I have been able to continue breastfeeding him, and I really never dreamed it would be this hard for me to let that more month...
-enjoys being read to at night and very good at helping me turn the, really- he sits very still and lets me read most of the page and as soon as I lift the corner of the page, he turns it for me.
Enjoy- his 11 month pictures in his rocker with Bundar! (I recruited some help from Larry to help take these- that's why he is sitting still compared to last month's attempt).

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Carson's new favorite "toy"

Poppa surprised Carson with a new "toy"- his first little swimming pool! He LOVES it! He has always liked his bath so I'm not too surprised by his taking to it...he splashes and wallows arounds in circles in it and has the best time. He also went swimming for the first time in Bebe and Poppa's real pool and liked it too...but not as much as his own!

Here is Poppa and Carson at the campgrounds swimming for the first time....warming up to the idea

Here he is in Bebe and Poppa's back yard after running in a road race with mommy- had to cool off you know

Here he is with Bebe in the middle of his soon-to-be new living room while mommy and daddy paint trim

In the background, you can make out his new room (the green wall!)
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CJ and friends

Just uploaded pics from the entire month and we have several new friends to introduce!

Carson, Madelyn, and Jacob (I work with their mommies- this was taken at our clinic picnic)

Carson with Payton and Parker Hicks

Carson and Beckett
(not a new friend, but a new activity together!) Beckett is 4 months older than Carson and lets us use all his awesome shoes when he outgrows them!

Carson also had a new friend born last week, Harper Miller...she just got home from the hospital so we don't have a picture with her yet but she is a cutie!
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