Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a week

Warning- there are no cute pictures in this post so if you only enjoy the pictures (like I am often guilty of) then scroll on down to older posts. This week was Spring Break, so Larry was skiing in Colorado with the church group which also included my mom and brother. I had considered going and taking Carson, but had some hesitation and ended up not being able to get off work even if I wanted to. I was scheduled to work Mon, Tues and Wed of this week and since my mom was gone and Mother's Day Out was closed, I had to find alternative childcare. In my mind, I kind of thought this would be a good week to start spring cleaning...boy was I wrong.

Saturday night, I had made lasagna for my grandparents (my grandmother recently had a heart attack and is still recovering) and my dad (who was about to start working the night shift for the nuclear plant outage going on). Carson had fallen asleep in his carseat on the way over, so I simply left him in it and set him in the guest room to nap while I cooked and we ate. He woke up shortly after we ate which I thought was perfect timing. When I went to get him, he had vomited ALL over himself and the carseat. Now mind you- we've had spit up before as he is a baby, but this was our first experience with real puke!! (He had turkey before went over!) Well, he was so confused and scared and you could tell he didn't feel very well.

Thankfully, my dad was there and he graciously cleaned up the carseat while I took care of cleaning up Carson. He then proceeds to "you know what" (sorry just realized this may be a little too graphic for some...nothing gets my stomach...guess its part of being in the medical profession) two more times and is just pitiful looking at this point and just wants me to hold him. While he is laying there moaning, in the most sweet yet sad I-don't-feel-good voice say, "Momma" Oh, how my heart just melted into a complete puddle!!! Now, I feel pretty sure he probably didn't really know what he was saying but I'm going to let myself think he did because it was just too sweet.

I'm going to go ahead and make a LONG story as short as possible...the synopsis of the week is as follows: overall, he cut TWO teeth (the bottom middle)
Sunday: stay home all day, diarrhea, fever, no appetite and just wanting to be held
Monday: seemed to be a little better in morning, so I went to work and he stayed with my mother in law...fever, not eating, no nap, cranky, NO sleep
Tuesday: finally got the sense to check his ears and called in antibiotic for bilateral ear infection...missed work to stay home..still fever, more vomit and starting to get a little dehydrated because he still has no appetite...had to give tylenol suppository to keep fever down as he won't even take his medicine now.
Wednesday: woke up with no true fever and seemed a bit better so I went to work...mother in law kept him again and things seemed a LITTLE better.
Thursday: finally starting to play with toys again, nurse but not eat still, no fever, and better sleep.
Friday: yay- daddy's home and he is finally starting to resemble my sweet little Carson again.
However, he still will not eat his food! He went from trying and liking anything I put on a spoon to keeping that mouth as tightly closed as he can!

So, let's just say spring break 2010 was not exactly what I thought it would be like. I am just SO thankful we were not in Colorado and that I was able to have sweet help from my mother in law and dear friends! And that my sweet baby is starting to feel better!! I can only hope that as we cut more teeth, we don't go through all this again!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A time to build!

When Larry and I moved back to Russellville in August 2008, we had hoped that we might be able to build our own home someday. His dad's day job is an area high school athletic director, but as a "side job" (which is really become more like a second job) he is a contractor and builds several custom homes each year. We just knew that would be the route we took when we moved back...what we didn't know was how the timing would eventually play out.
It ended up taking a few weeks shy of a year to sell our home in Houston and that was at a loss. We also have been working on living debt free (thanks to Dave Ramsey :) and between moving, changing jobs, selling our home at a loss, and having our first child we started to question whether or not building was the right thing to do. After a lot of time spent praying and paying off debt, we have come to a point where we feel peace from the Lord to move forward with building our first home in Russellville!
We have spent many months looking at/drawing up floor plans, considering lots, constructing a working budget, etc. Finally, on March 1, 2010 we submitted our application for the lot and closed on March 16. March 17 the footing was dug and by March 19, the foundation blocks were being laid! Crazy how it seemed like a long time coming and then started so fast! I hope to include updates periodically with pictures of the process. Please pray for us during this process that we can have fun, not get too stressed, be unified in our decisions, and remain within our budget!

March 16, 2010

The lot- as they say on HGTV, its all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION and this is a great location in the heart of Russellville. Easy access to just about anything (including great school for Carson, 2 min from the church and grandparents and plenty of running options :) and in a great family friendly neighborhood.

This sign is actually referring to Larry Walker Sr but I thought it was fun!

March 17, 2010

March 19,2010
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marathon weekend

This weekend was the Little Rock Marathon and half marathon. About a year ago, Larry got a great idea to start a running group at our church modeled after the USA Fit program we were a part of in Houston. The group started running together in August on Saturday mornings with the focus on getting everyone ready to compete in the Little Rock marathon or half marathon. For most, this was their first race of this distance. It has been so fun watching everyone develop as runners and enjoy the sport that Larry and I have loved for over 10 years. Well, this past Sunday 34 runners from the group competed and finished their respective races!!!! The weather was perfect and it was just a total delight to hear everyones stories and see the sense of accomplishment on their faces!!! I hope they all enjoyed our Saturday mornings together as well as the race and will consider doing it again next year!

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7 month chair pic

Here are Carson's monthly pics in his rocker. My favorite is the middle one becuase that is what he is doing all the time now! Bucking!! In fact, he bucked right out of his carseat and on to the floor the other day- only funny now because he wasn't hurt but it scared me at the time it happened. He has Bundar in the picture with him, but he wouldn't leave him alone to have him sit beside him...again perfect because he is in to grabbing everything in sight! Loving this age- so fun!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

more uncle brant pics

This blog is starting to turn into a showcase website for BNBphotography- haha! Last Sunday, Carson was looking like his usual handsome self after church and it was a beautiful day outside so Uncle Brant decided to snap a few shots. These can basically serve as his 7 month pics. We decided he may just have to enter a cutest baby contest with one of these!

more 6 mos pix by uncle brant

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6 mos pix by uncle brant

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