Monday, November 23, 2009


Last Saturday, we got great tickets to see the Razorbacks defeat Troy! Front row seats! We had been wanting to go to a game, but leaving our little guy behind...well, it always makes me sad/nervous. BUT these tickets were too good to pass up and my family was going. So Carson stayed with his great NeeNaw and PaPa while mom and dad went to the game. They said he did great!

From left to right- Brant, Kara, Rachel (cousin), me, Lar, Uncle Doug, mom, dad, Clarissa (cousin's cousin :), and Aunt Denise

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Brant State Cross Country Meet

We decided to surprise my brother, Brant, by showing up at his State cross country meet. We were a little apprehensive about the 3 hour drive with Carson, but he did great! Plus it was a beautiful fall day and the drive was through the mountains so we got to see all the leaves changing colors- LOVE the colors of an Arkansas fall!

This is Carson saying, "Run fast Uncle Brant!!!"

Notice the shirt...this is a shirt that Brant and Amberley made and wore to cheer for me when I ran in the Oklahoma City Marathon in 2004- so I decided to "recycle" it for Brant's race!

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Carson 3 months old

Here is Carson with Ma

Carson's great Grandma and great Grandpa decided it had been too long since they had seen him, so they came to visit! (Yes, that is a pink flamingo towel he is laying mom likes to protect her couch from spit up and it always seems to be with this beach towel :)

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Grandpa and Carson

This video captures a very sweet and precious conversation between Carson and his great Grandpa! One of those moments that I was very glad I had a camera available. Amberley, I knew you would want to see this!

playtime video

Carson has had so much fun with his playmat- it is his favorite thing right now! He loves the little mirror and this is a video of him smiling at himself. He already knows he's handsome!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

We started out our Halloween with the annual Russellville Dowtown Fall Festival 5K. This was Carson's first race with mom and dad (other than those he "ran" while still in the womb :) He did great- it was pretty chilly but he fell asleep after the first mile. I pushed the stroller so Larry could run a little faster. We had a great time and even won our age divisions!

Before the race

After the race

We later came back to the Downtown Fall Festival and walked around enjoying the beautiful day. Then we went to visit NeeNaw and PaPa (my grandparents) so Carson could "trick or treat." The pumpkin outfit he wore was made by one of the physicians I work with and given as a baby gift. He was the cutest pumpkin I've seen this year!

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