Sunday, December 5, 2010


Drum roll please...............this week Carson FINALLY took his first true steps! We have been waiting on this for quite a while now! He has been crusing and pushing things, etc for a long time but just crawls so fast that he has shown zero interest in walking. Last week (on 11/23/10) he took one step at my grandparents house. It seemed almost accidental. A few times throughout the week he would take a step (maybe two shuffles) in between items he was reaching for. Then on the night of 11/30/10 we were helping to decorate my mom's Christmas tree and he took 3 or 4 steps so we just kept cooercing him to do it over and over again. When we got home, we were determined to get it on video. (Of course we didn't have it on hand at my mom's house! ugh!) And we were rewarded with the most steps yet! Perfectly captured on film to cherish forever :) Now, he's been caught...the truth is out...Carson CAN walk...if he chooses to tomorrow will be another story- haha! Enjoy this precious glimpse of pure determination- love how he uses his little arms to balance :)

He is just so proud of himself!!! Here is an abridged version of his celebration.

Daddy's little helper

Time for an I was glancing through the pictures I've taken over the past month or so I found several precious ones of my guys! Carson loves to help daddy with projects around the house :) or just chill on the couch. The last one is leaving church a few weeks thankful I keep my camera in my purse at all times for random moments like these that just make your heart smile.

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