Saturday, February 27, 2010

6 month milestones

Here are a few things Carson has been up to during his 6th month!!! A few of which he has graciously demonstrated in some of the pictures below...
1. At 6 month check-up, Carson weighed 18 lbs and 1 oz and was 25 1/2 in long. 60th and 25th percentile on the growth curve respectively.

2. So long hands and hello feet!!! He loves them....and changing diapers are especially fun/challenging now because when his diaper's off is the only time he can get his toes in his mouth!

3. FOOD!!! As you can imagine based on his rather healthy cheeks and tummy, he has loved everything he has tried so peas, sweet potatoes, apples, zucchini, pears, and squash.

4. Sitting...not great yet, but he is getting better at it...if his belly weren't so heavy....hmmm

5. Verbally, we are past the grunting and more in to growling and "dadadada"

6. Enjoyed his first snow at home

7. Doesn't like to sit when he's being held- wants to stand up almost all of the time (when he is not throwing his head back which has been emerging in the past week- pic to come).

8. Starting grow more hair!! Enough to have a nice baby sized fohawk- super stud.
9. Loves to be sung to...any song, but most of them are made up on the spot by mom and
dad...with a few originals that are now daily favs.
10. Other than his feet, favorite toy is the exersaucer!!
11. Prefers to nap in his lazyboy (AKA, his carseat)...although, we are working on breaking that little habit. True it is great for travel, but he is just too heavy to keep toting that thing in and out of the house and church.
12. Went from unintentionally rolling from belly to back to most definitely intentionally doing it- he will not stay on his tummy for longer than 3 seconds now!

Feet are obviously the most fun toy yet!
Working on sitting

Just a little shout out from my inner Texan to all my Texan peeps :) I've been making Carson's food and had read that using an ice cube tray was a great way to freeze and store the right portion. Since we have an icemaker on the fridge, I don't really have ice trays...but thanks to the great Texas send off we got- I had this tray!! Texas sized pureed peas - yum yum!

This was his first taste of food! Initially he made sour faces but by the end, we had grins and an open mouth :)

Contemplating..."To eat the green stuff or not, that is the question..."

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1/2 birthday!!!

Here are a few pictures I took of Carson on his 6-month birthday! (Look to a future post for the professional ones by Uncle Brant!! I had to get in a few from his rocker for comparison). The top two are from the beginning of the month and the bottom two are closer to the end of the month. He grows so fast!

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Carson and Bundar

For Christmas, Amberley and Joe gave Carson an adorable stuffed monkey for Christmas. His name is Bundar which is Hindi for "monkey." They are already become best buds! Here is Carson on his 1/2 birthday with Bundar and then some shots of them watching the snow fall together!

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more snow day pics

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Snow Days

A few weeks ago we had a couple bouts of snow here in Russellville. It was so fun to enjoy a couple snow days at home! I was so thankful they came on days I was already off of work. We stayed in our pjs and drank hot chocolate, played monopoly, made snow angels, and went sledding! It was a ton of fun. Wanted a share a few pictures of Carson's first snow days! Uncle Brant submitte one of Carson to the local paper and of course he made the cut- so we have a little celebrity now- just let me know if you want his autograph! :)