Wednesday, January 27, 2010

5 months old

Since our little guy is almost 6 months old, I figure I better put up his 5 month picture and post before it is too late!
At 5 months he has...
traveled to Houston to meet his Htown friends!!!
rolled from tummy to back (unintentionally and not very often, but it has happened!)
started sitting in his high chair
has tried rice cereal a few times and now seems to enjoy it
now enjoys his bumbo seat and exersaucer
loves his hands!
likes holding a toy and seems disappointed if he drops it
smiles all the time
laughs sometimes
wakes up super happy in the morning
naps better (usually 1 hour in morning and 2 in afternoon)
started Mother's Day Out
had his first and second ear infection :(
makes hillarious grunting noises and fake coughs
had his first real cough (yuck!)
takes 6 to 7 oz of breast milk every 3 1/2 to 4 hours
weighs 17 to 18 lbs!! (chunka monk!!)

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Uncle Brant's 17th BDay

For Brant's 17th birthday, we made a family trip to Devil's Den and stayed in an adorable log cabin for two nights. It had snowed earlier in the week and was beautiful! We enjoyed hiking, playing games, eating, and just spending quality time together!!

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A Christmas family portrait

I think this is the one and only picture we got of the four of us together at Christmas
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas with Walkers

For Larry's mom, dad, and Nanny we had family pictures made- they turned out great! We picked out one for each of them and had it sized to 11x14 and framed. I think they all really loved them!

Pa and Carson with his new toys!

Pa with his boys- Chris, Larry, and Carson

Just a cute picture of my cute boy!
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Christmas with the Haggars

Abbey and Carson- Carson loves his cuz

Larry and Emily at Christmas breakfast

Uncle Chris and Carson

smiling with Ma
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Bauman Christmas part 2

Feetie PJ's are good for all ages!

Larry, Joe, and Brant with matching beanies from South Asia

How Carson spent the last hour of gift opening! It was WAY past his bedtime by this point...

Christmas morning gifts from Santa
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Bauman Christmas

Carson was a good boy this year! He got a LOT of presents!

With his awesome gifts from Auntie Ams and Cha Cha Joe- Bundar (Hindi for "monkey") and toy rickshaw (spelling??)

Carson and Bundar (best buds at first sight!)

Fun clothes from BeBe and Poppa

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Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas outfit #1 (Santa golfing!)

The whole fam at the Candlelight service...It's kind of hard to tell because the pic is dark, but we took up the entire row.

Auntie Ams held Carson for most of the service and he did great! Lots to look at and he loved the music!

4 generations: Grandpa, Poppa, Bethany and Carson
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Celebrating Joe's 25th Bday at Cracker Barrell

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It's been a while

The past month has been a whirlwind of fun, celebrations, and memory-making excitement. Between Christmas, Amberley and Joe's surprise visit, New Year's, and a trip to Houston...we have been busy. Hence, it has been a month since my last post! Before I get to all the pictures, I just want to express how truly grateful I am for the time we have shared with family this past month. The Father has blessed our time together so richly that I can honestly say we soaked up every minute together and then even got a bonus of two extra weeks! Transitioning back to "everyday life" has been a bit blue at times, but then I am just reminded of how much I have to be thankful for! Hope you enjoy a few of the moment's captured on camera.