Sunday, April 11, 2010

Master's Sunday

I went for a run this morning while Larry and Carson were still sleeping. When I got back, they were both up and Larry had taken about 10 pictures of Carson and a few videos. You see, our little guy doesn't really love being on his tummy. However, for the past few weeks he has been rolling onto his tummy to sleep. Larry could here Carson was awake and playing in his crib and when he went in, this is what he saw! He was just happy and talking and peering over the edge to find his daddy :)

Carson's spot to play while Mommy gets ready for church

Carson and Daddy watching the Master's together. Please note the outfit!

Golfing is serious business in our house! Go Phil!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter, 8 months, and house update

We had a great Easter celebration. Much to be thankful for in our lives, but nothing compares to the thankful hearts we have for our Risen Savior!!
Just a few Easter pics. Uncle Brant took a few with his camera but I haven't seen those yet. Bebe (my mom) gave Carson an Easter basket with golf clubs in it- Larry was very excited about that. Carson thought it was fun to play with and given I had him in a cute little argile sweater vest, he looked ready for the golf course!

Carson's 8 month picture with Bundar. As you can see, we had a monkey them going...maybe that's because Carson is my little "chunky monkey!"

Update (sort of) on the house...framing has been going on all week. It actually already looks different from this, but this is the most recent picture I have. We've picked out brick and siding and got some great deals on lighting fixtures, sink and tub at a local place that is going out of business.

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laughing with daddy

Carson is at such a fun age and his little laugh is melt-your heart and make-you-smile priceless. He gets cracked up by random things...once a balloon, another time it was a ball, a certain face, etc. In this video, Larry has him just belly laughing! It was so cute, I had to share. Hope it makes you smile :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

8 months old!!!

Carson is now 8 months old!!! Here are some cute pictures by Uncle Brant! Easter pics to come. During his 7 month Carson has been busy....
-sitting alone very well
-saying "dada" "momma" (not necessarily intentionally but getting there :) and a lot of other babbling sounds
-rolling both ways and likes to sleep on his tummy now
-was eating very well until he got sick, but his appetite is coming back now
-8oz of breast milk every 4 hours
-TWO teeth (bottom middle)
-very curious about everything
-sitting in highchair at restaurants
-still loves playing in his exersaucer
-gets very excited to see a familiar face but still okay to be held by any and everyone (typical sunday school baby!)