Friday, June 18, 2010

try again

so sorry that the previous post did not get the pictures uploaded correctly- let's try again!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

BNB 10 month pics

Had to share the fantastic pics that Uncle Brant took of Carson for his 10 month "birthday." They are all fantastic but these 4 give the best representation of his expressions these days!! He makes me smile and laugh everyday and I'm so thankful for this little bundle of joy! Thank you Uncle Brant for capturing these priceless moments on camera! (As you can see from my previous post, I did not get the photography gene in the family and am not as skilled at catching these moments :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 month videos

This was a little video clip taken while I was trying to get just one good "10 month" shot! The video better sums up my little active 10 month old! And he even did is precious little grunt/grrrr thing that he so loves to do these days- so happy to have caught a little bit of this on camera!

On this one- he is sitting in a little rocking chair that was actually my dad's when he was little. My grandparents had the seat redone so Carson could have it but until now he has not been big enough to sit in it on his own. So this is actually a video of him sitting in it for the first time and obviously he kind of likes it :) There is a little crash burn at the end- no worries, no one was hurt. I could have editted it out, but just keeping it real!

10 months

Another month has passed, and our sweet little boy is now TEN months old!! This has been a very fun month watching him grow. A few highlights from this month...

- CRAWLING! As you saw from the video clips in a previous post, it is a bit more of a squirm, but he is definitely mobile now!
- TWO NEW TEETH! So funny, he got his "fang" teeth in before his top middle two so he looks a little like a vampire! Tried to get a pic but it didn't turn out very well...will try again before the others come in.

- Eating table foods more...will try (and like) about anything we put on his plate. Although, I'll admit I'm probably a little more conservative than I need to be with what I will let him try but the list includes LOTS OF CHEERIOS (his favorite!), turkey lunch meat, green beans, noodles, mashed potatoes, banana bits, rolls, and one french fry (I know, I know...probably shouldn't let him start this young). One thing I really thought he would go for is a corn cob but he could care less about it.

- Still nursing 4 times a day but it has gone from sweet rocking cuddly time to something that more resembles wrestling an alligator! He is just so squirmy and curious that the two middle feedings are a lot more challenging than they used to be.

- Taking one really good nap a day (usually about 2-3 hours and occasionally 4 hours) and rarely a shorter nap in the morning.

- Sleeping on average 11 hours each night and wakes up very happy! Likes to sleep with his pacifier more now...doesn't really care to have it any other time of the day unless he is playing with it.

-LOVES bath time...I'm now occassionally letting him play right behind me while I get ready (I can blow dry and straighten my hair and put on my make-up before he even becomes remotely bored...only a little pruney!)

Thought I would put a very REAL picture of what it typically looks like in Carson's room after playtime! This has become the norm....luckily it is easy clean-up.

Extremely difficult to get a good monthly shot it---got a video that is a better "snapshot" of what he is like right now :)

Carson making his mark on his new home! And yes, he did try to eat the concrete on his hands!

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Coming soon

10 month post coming soon....Need to upload a few pics and hoping to get to it tomorrow....truthfully Carson's 9th month of life went by the fastest yet!
This past week, well almost 2 weeks, has been pretty insane at the Walker household. Larry has been laying tile and I've been helping whenever I can so Carson has spent a lot of time with his Bebe (my mom). I'm so thankful for the help and the opportunity to be able to help Larry but it has been so hard to be away from Carson that much! I feel like I haven't been with him hardly any this whole week...I try to tell myself that doesn't make me a bad mom, but most of the time it doesn't work and I still feel like one. I know the house building is just a season of life and soon it will be complete and it will be worth it, and hopefully life can slow down a little, etc....but Carson will only be 10 months old once and this stage he is in will fly by as each has so it is a horrible feeling to miss out! Thankfully, he will never remember how busy and absent his mom and dad have been right's truly US that this is so hard on, not him!
So, all that to say, a summary of Carson's 9th month and his 10 month pic is coming soon!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

crawling video 2

Uncle Brant took this video of Carson crawling yesterday...he was going for his favorite toy- Brant's iPhone!